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Hidrocor Marine | 1 Year【Prescription】

Hidrocor Marine | 1 Year【Prescription】

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It helps change the color of pupils, makes your eyes look bigger and get you more beautiful. Applicable to both light & dark eyes! Maintain Moisture. Safe, comfortable and durable, can be used for 1 year.
Material: HEMA
Diameter: 14.2mm
Lens Base curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Replacement Cycle: 12 months (Yearly)
Prescription Power: 0.00
Plano Lenses: If you do not require correction, please select 0.00 power.
Occasion: Party, Wedding, Club, Cosplay, etc.
Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses) + 1 Lens Case
***Different correction for each eye: If you require a different correction for each eye, you will need to orders 2 boxes: one with your left eye correction and the second with your right eye correction. Unfortunately, we cannot open the original packagings and mix your prescriptions.


① LAYERED LENS TECHNOLOGY - PROTECTED COLOURS PROTECTED EYES (The layered lens technology keeps the colour design sandwiched between two layers of the lens material to better preserve the colours and to keep the pigment from touching your cornea directly.)

② TEAR ROTATION SYSTEM - LENSES DESIGNED FOR COMFORT(We work hard to ensure our lenses lead the market in quality and comfort. The tear rotation edge structure keeps your eyes naturally hydrated by letting your tears pass through behind the lens.)

③ FDA & CE - PRODUCT SAFETY STANDARDS(Everylenses coloured lenses are manufactured to international safety standards FDA and CE marked.)

  1. Pictures for reference only.
  2. Lenses on different eye colors will show different effects.
  3. Colour will vary on each individual. Always wash hands before use.
  4. Change your eye color with this amazing soft contact lenses! Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
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