1-Day Fresh Green Daily Contact Lens(5 Pairs)

1-Day Fresh Green Daily Contact Lens(5 Pairs)

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The design of small diameter and natural transition, allows these contacts to blend perfectly with your own eyes, helping to release your beauty with the most vivid eyes you were born with
Material: Etafilcon A
Diameter: 14.5mm
Lens Base curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 58%
Replacement Cycle: Daily disposable/12 Hours
Prescription Power: 0.00
Thickness: 0.08mm
Occasion: Party, Wedding, Club, Cosplay, etc.
Packaging: 5 Pair (10 lenses) + 1 Lens Case

① CONVENIENCE - Daily contact lenses are a more convenient option for many people. You don't need to worry about keeping your lenses secure; you can throw your pair away at the end of the day. Another benefit is that you don't need to spend time cleaning your contacts like with reusable lenses.

② SAFER FOR YOUR EYES - Daily contact lenses don't require any additional care like disinfection or storage when not in use. Protein, calcium, lipids, and other substances can build up on your lens, making your contacts less comfortable and more prone to infection. There is no accumulation of these elements when using daily contact lenses.

③ EASY TO USE - Daily contact can be helpful for people with less experience using contact lenses. Without the need to maintain your lenses, you only need to replace them daily.

④ COMPLIANCE - You don't need to follow detailed care instructions with daily disposable lenses because there's no need to disinfect and store daily contacts. Wearing daily lenses places you at a lower risk of eye infections than reusable contacts.

⑤ MATERIAL - While reusable contact lenses have a variety of material options, daily lenses don't have this luxury. Daily disposables are always soft contact lenses and are typically thinner than reusable options.

  1. Pictures for reference only.
  2. Lenses on different eye colors will show different effects.
  3. Colour will vary on each individual. Always wash hands before use.
  4. Change your eye color with this amazing soft contact lenses! Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
How to put in contact lenses?
  • Step 1: After you get the lenses, please do not put on them immediately. The liquid in the package is saline and disinfectant, and it will irritate your eyes. Please put the lenses in the contact lens care solution about 6-8 hours before you wear them.
  • Step 2: Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands. Then make sure you are holding the correct side of the lens.
  • Step 3: Hold up your upper eyelid and pull down your lower lid, then use the index finger to gently place the lens.
  • Step 4: Look up and down, left and right after putting the lens in so that it will settle into place, then close your eye in a while.
  • Step 5: Do again for the other eye through simple steps!

How to remove contact lenses?

  • Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes.
  • Step 2: Use your clean hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, then pull up your upper eyelid.
  • Step 3: Using your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens gently.
  • Step 4: Look up and slide the lens down gently so that the lens will be kept in your eye, then pinch it off onto a finger. Do it again for the other eye.

Do your lenses come with prescription?
Yes! All of them are available with prescription. If you have normal eyesight or you simply need a decoration, choose -0.00.
Consult your eye doctor to confirm the diopter counts before ordering.

Why is the actual color different from that on website?
Due to variable factors, such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, original eye color/ eye shape/ makeup, etc, the color of the lenses may vary and look different. Such cases should be acceptable.

Kindly Remind:
Please contact us within 24 hours after you have received your lenses if you have any doubt about your lenses. Please don’t forget to enclose the lens picture so that we can check for you.

What to do when lenses irritate eyes?
Please soak your lenses in care solution which is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently.
Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experience, such as irritation, dry eyes,blurry vision, etc

For newly opened contact lenses, please soak your lenses in care solution which is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently.
Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experience, such as irritation, dry eyes,blurry vision, etc.

***Important (Please check the front and back of the lens, Wearing the wrong side causes the tingling of the eye)

Safety information about wearing contact lenses
  1. Always wash your hands before wearing, removing or handling your contact lenses.
  2. Do not lend, borrow or share used contact lenses, otherwise, it may lead to infection or even blindness to eyes.
  3. Please take off your lenses before sleeping.
  4. Insert lenses before putting make-up on around eyes, and take off lenses before taking make-up off.
  5. Please do not attend any water sports when wearing lenses.
  6. New contact wearer wears less than 4 hours a day. When your eyes adapted to the lenses, you can wear them longer, but do not exceed 8 hours a day.